The Book of the Shattered Bonds, ch. III: The Forgotten Songs

by Lacklustre Mirror

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Chapter III picks up exactly where the Chapter II stops (compare "Hope" and "The Snows"), makes full circle to the very beginning ("It Happens All Too Soon" to "No Escape From Myself") and then fades away into dawn with "Fathomless". "The Book of the Shattered Bond" is thus completed.

In late 2007, a few months after the debut album release, the band co-founder Celestial @Ir withdrew to focus on LM's then-sister band Children of the Gun, which was much more active and performed regularly. He, however, recorded his parts for The Snows (two first tracks). The rest of the guitar parts were handled by Children of the Gun frontman M. 'Schade'. K, who replaced @Ir for the next two years.

Marea Internum wasn't available as well for some very dreary reasons, so b. handled all the vocal parts, with guest appearance from Decembered's former singer Maria 'Sérénité' L. on track 9 ('Tempests are away').

With Schade arrival, a new lineup gradually formed, which existed until first half of 2009. The CD booklet lists seven people as band members, however, all of them joined by the time the album was almost ready, so there was no input from them.

CD was actually released by Shadowplay Records in early 2009, although it was announced as a 2008 release.


released January 5, 2009

b. - keyboards, arrangements bass and drums programming, vocals, texts except Track 6 ('Danse Macabre'), lyrics by Alexander Blok.
Schade - guitars, recording

Mike Osiko - recording, mixing, mastering

Guest appearances:

Celestial @Ir - guitars on tracks 1,2 ('The Snows')
Sérénité - female vocals on track 9 ('Tempests are away')

Cover design by b. and Vitaly Rybalchenko
Released by Shadowplay Records, 2009.



all rights reserved


Lacklustre Mirror Moscow, Russia

Lacklustre Mirror (1998 - 2011) was a Moscow, Russia-based dark art rock/neoclassic/gothic metal band. Despite its longevity and a large number of people coming and going it has only released two full-length albums at Shadowplay Records in 2007 and 2009 before dissolving permanently in 2011. ... more

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Track Name: The Snows, p.1
I saw the morphing hues of winter morn pale grey,
And majestic pattern of quiet clouds.

I`d heard within me silence only a mage can maintain,
And learnt what heaven`s gravity was like.

And heartbeat, and the very breath
Stayed somewhere far away.

I needed them no more.
Heaven calls, I`m to go.

Then a willful voice demanded to look out...

And I saw May lilac shrouded with the snows,
And the green leaves turning brown with hellish cold,
And the people I loved with their burnt out hearts,
With the snows upon them

Withered in the chains of endless rules,
Silenced with the infinite despair and loss,

And something whispered that it comes out from myself, -
That I`m the only cause...

That whispers turned to roars citing a deadly spell:
`A human being, there`s no escape from your own self`

`There`s no escape from your own self!`
`There`s no escape from your own self...`

...But there`s a strange bliss inculcates the soul
When quiet snow around me falls -
And that`s the mystery which I don`t want to solve.

So here I stand with both feet on the ground,
The heart is beating like a frightened bird,
Celestial play of clouds is far unreachably
And a flake of snow is melting on my cheek.

It was a dream, a momentary dream,
A single sigh of wind, an enchanted vision.

The snows fall,
The snows dance and sing...
Track Name: The Snows, p.2
Track Name: Deliverance
This bleak thaw
Seems to be over now
Large snowflakes
Sedately go down
Past sullen rooftops,
Few windows gleaming bright,
Past ginger lantern
Past my wat`ring eyes...

An awkward bridge
Above the dying brook,
Turn left, turn right -
Wherever you may look
The legions of snow
Conquer all these lands,
And bring grey dullness`
Foul reign to an end

All choices have been made
Beside us,
But still I`d rather wade
The brook of doubts
That always blocks my path
To feel I`ve conquered
My deliverance

Now it`s time to disperse the stones,
Regrets are a sour wine,
And I won`t drink it.
And Guilty is a wraith-like cat
She`s coming back as long as you keep her well-fed

But after they both had been chased away
Like a young widow, Sadness stays around for many years,
So all in all you get so used to her pale company,
That even can`t remember when she hadn`t been near...

Two banks,
A solid bridge of stone,
So easy
To cross it, so what`s wrong?
Still it seems fairer that I`d wade
Some wild maelstrom -
To feel deliverance
Have been justly won.

Somebody said
The Isles of Joy are small,
Lost in the Grey Seas -
Tempestuous, vast, and cold.
So many sought for them,
And failures most returned;
But I shall reach their shores,
Even if all alone...
Track Name: Black-Sided Sun
The endless train of birds has conquered the stormy skies
And staggered sanity that writhed in deadly strain

The earthly roads have twisted violently,
Transmuting the familiar shapes
The lattice of the time has melted,
Wrapped around itself,

The snows ignited the impending crimson waves
Of smoky gloom...

Where Babylon`s been wallowing in its pride of misery,
The box-shaped megalyths have been enduring their slow decay

The watchful waters undulate now
`Neath the ghastly steeps of frozen sands
Preparing to repel attacks of
Slow, morphing flames

Spilled `tween the clouds
Spilled between the raging clouds

Then they dispersed, revealing a revolving flaming orb...
Its searing radiance suffused whatever one could name
And when it slowly turned to me with its black side,
Its hidden shine was dazzling even more...

...The endless train of birds has stretched across the stormy skies,
And the decaying strongholds of the human fear kept their place,
But still I stare at clouds, where I have seen Black-Sided Sun,

And felt how deep within myself it kept revolving on and on, -
Personifying and revoking any hopes for change...

The high-born whores dance upon the tortured relics as before,
And mindless tyrants throw into the fire the children of their foes
And all the world`s lies feed on our grief blessed by Black-Sided Sun...

We may revel in wrath or fears, we may revel in our pains and tears,
Unname the joys and worship only misery...
But it is our choice which side of Sun to see.
Track Name: Yesterday Child
We reach to see within penumbra of the past
The afterglow of somewhat better age
Dig up the heaps of long-recycled memories, and still
Can`t find a thing that`s feeling really fresh

Yes, we were children, yesterday or in ages past,
But now we proudly claim that we have grown
And like the sullen outcasts
Our childish dreams are chased away
Exiled beyond the point of no return.

The voices you have heard, but never listened to
Then start to preach, addressing you, and you alone
And if you question their rightness,
The next thing you`re to face shall be
Pure wrath of the offended swarm
Of wasps those simply can`t be wrong

So close your soul, and mute your mind,
And join the endless chain of the blind,
Those wander through those snowstorms
Of everchanging `right` and `wrong`
And don`t ask why,
For it`s all decided
Long ago,
Long ago,

Still swings the blizzard on and on,
Sweeping our past hopes away,
And the icy armour your heart wears -
It won`t seem to melt.

But something starts to stir inside -
And you don`t know how to react -
When a little child of today asks: "Why do you look so sad?"*

This one would never hear the answer,
Since for this moment all words fail -
The child of yesterday keeps tryin`
To find where she has lost her way...
Track Name: Danse Macabre
Как тяжко мертвецу среди людей
Живым и страстным притворяться!
Но надо, надо в общество втираться,
Скрывая для карьеры лязг костей...

Живые спят. Мертвец встает из гроба,
И в банк идет, и в суд идет, в сенат...
Чем ночь белее, тем чернее злоба,
И перья торжествующе скрипят.

Мертвец весь день труди`тся над докладом.
Присутствие кончается. И вот -
Нашептывает он, виляя задом,
Сенатору скабрезный анекдот...

Уж вечер. Мелкий дождь зашлепал грязью
Прохожих, и дома, и прочий вздор...
А мертвеца - к другому безобразью
Скрежещущий несет таксомотор.

В зал многолюдный и многоколонный
Спешит мертвец. На нем - изящный фрак.
Его дарят улыбкой благосклонной
Хозяйка - дура и супруг - дурак.

Он изнемог от дня чиновной скуки,
Но лязг костей музы`кой заглушон...
Он крепко жмет приятельские руки -
Живым, живым казаться должен он!

Лишь у колонны встретится очами
С подругою - она, как он, мертва.
За их условно-светскими речами
Ты слышишь настоящие слова:

"Усталый друг, мне странно в этом зале". -
"Усталый друг, могила холодна". -
"Уж полночь". - "Да, но вы не приглашали
На вальс NN. Она в вас влюблена..."

А там - NN уж ищет взором страстным
Его, его - с волнением в крови...
В ее лице, девически прекрасном,
Бессмысленный восторг живой любви...

Он шепчет ей незначащие речи,
Пленительные для живых слова,
И смотрит он, как розовеют плечи,
Как на плечо склонилась голова...

И острый яд привычно-светской злости
С нездешней злостью расточает он...
"Как он умен! Как он в меня влюблен!"

В ее ушах - нездешний, странный звон:
То кости лязгают о кости.
Track Name: The Everburning
Charms of leaden clouds wed April dusk with late October dawn,
The verge of times would fall, as mem`ries flood in -- --

A theatre of ghosts - where shadows once again perform old plays,
But stop abruptly short and vanish into air...

Now the spectator is a faithful one,
He would recite the lost words when the actor`s numb

A dire tragedy of fate it really seemed one day
Yet now it feels more like a dull absurdist play -
A clown reluctant thrashes across
The rooms of dim translucent mirrors,
To get his own delirium bounced off the glass

Suddenly he`d freeze to stare
At an eerie spot of light out there -
Shining through these mirrors,
Staying far beyond all reach...

A fragile moth beats on the lamp-shade recklessly,
His rustling echoes in the emptyness in me
My manuscript beneath the lamp - I read it through again,
But still don`t finish it.
Just a few lines left... but still I hesitate

Across the rainy streets I roam, how many times
I spoke to you as if you were nearby,
And how much strength it`d take to recognize -
It was our last goodbye...
There is a chasm between us now - twelve years wide.

And here`s what I`m scared to write down
To complete therewith my hapless book:
Fairy tales of yesterday have died...

What I can never see is just a wisest purpose
for these shattered bonds,
But, dammit, who am I?! -
a child that saw what he was never meant to see,
Then learnt for twelve years
how strangling the Adam`s apple could be...
Track Name: The Voices of the Grey Spring
The sudden warm wave
Halts my walk
I look up, see the blurred and foggy shades,
Whence comes
The fair voice of Grey Spring -

The Timeless Prophet
In his cloudy guise
Streches out his arms,
And sings with million, million voices
The forgotten songs

Those have no words,
Those silence my turmoils...
He points the way to go,
To gather back
My fractured, shattered self...

But if I ever go?.. -
Unfirm, and sad,
I`m drifting in this passing peace,
And my breath joins
The voices of Grey Spring.
Track Name: Tempests are Away
Watch, mortals, tempests are away!
Dark curtain went apart revealing
The deep blue chasm filled with the light
Uprising from beyond horizons

There always were thousands wise men
Trying to solve an old enigma
Of flooding tears for those who`d gone
From us to join Lux Aeternam...

I had a dream - I dared to tread where my beloved had passed
Away from shining of the day...

It felt like brightly-painted glass`d been broken through into the blind dark

And for a moment couldn`t I see, neither hear and breathe,
All of my senses faded off - I`d fear if I could fear,
I would scream just if I had a voice to scream,
I would flee if I still had command of what remain`d of me

But then
I had been blown with icy winds
Through this foul breach
back to the midday world again
Awake, alive, but almost blind -
I only saw the rimed and frigid plains of disbelief
To trudge
for years and years to come

This aimless pilgrimage
had ended near the menace whirl,
from where obscure torrents whizzed
Alikes of me stood there
Like hopeless sentinels

Then one of us -
A lady of the art
Prevailed where the desperated poets failed
As she had managed to discern our own reflections
Among delusions wreathing therein...

And as she warded off the mirror-mares, the purified whirl,
Gave birth to lucid fountain dashing skywards
No blizzard stood its holy warmth

Put down your shields, exhausted sentinels,
Lift up your visors, feel no shame for tears
As they will soon dry out in the rising sun
Put down your armour - the storms are gone!
the storms are gone,

Watch, mortals, tempests are away!
Dark curtain went apart revealing
The deep blue chasm filled with the light
Uprising from beyond horizons
Track Name: Is This Our Farewell?..
Track Name: The Last Song
Behind my window creeps a cold, and windy night
The roaring storm had been, and gone, with all its whirling clouds.
The stars are shining so hysterically bright,
And everything outside - it is unsufferably silent,
But stillness is disturbed with rare drips

And beating time to superseding memories
They render flashes in this wreathing mist
Whence lucid faces suddenly shine through, then slowly cease,
The words unspoken so far return to me -
But then I feel again - they`ll never leave my lips

Behind my window creeps a cold, and windy night,
The stars are shining so hysterically bright.
Profound terror imbues tired mind,
When I discover that my heart is truly hollow,

But it was I who always turned away,
And it was I who seemed to keep aloof, and stray,
And now reaping fruits of years-long display,
I am... a raindrop in its endless fall.

This last song is a raindrop storms might leave behind -
Some little salt for healing over wounds

A warrior`s to walk - and fall - alone,
A minstrel too...

Behind my window creeps a cold, and windy night...
Just like the cooling candle-wax becomes opaque again,
The apathy is glazing me, and I feel colour-blind
When soul-stillness is at last regained,
And proper words are vapourizing into sighs...

Although the answers ne`er emerge from heaps of all these `whys`.
My past woes are the storms those`d been, and gone.
Perhaps I strove for something far beyond my size,
And right till now simply run in circles - till I`m blown
Away by winds of distress those govern our lives...

Behind my window creeps a cold, and windy night,
The stars are shining so ecstatically bright,
Profound sadness imbues tired mind,
When I discover that this world to me is hollow,

And as all my desires are fed to nothingness
I am descending swiftly, losing breath
Down from the gloomy highs, and to the murky depths -
A single raindrop in eternal fall

This last song is a raindrop storms might leave behind -
To seal the truth:

A fighter is to walk - and fall - alone,
A singer too.
Track Name: It Happens All Too Soon
...And still I feel
It happens all to soon