The Book of the Shattered Bounds, 2003 demo (MP3)

by Lacklustre Mirror

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This demo was recorded in 2002-2003 by the early lineup of the band which is shown on the pics. In fact the top-right image was shot just the evening when the recording (which was at our friends' home) was completed. Its quality wasn't good enough to release it as a full-length EP, but together with another early demo this material was incorporated into our debut CD (see, moreover "Mother Is Going Home" was left as is.

The source .WAV files could not be recovered, unfortunately, so these are MP3-files (192 kbps) converted back to .WAV. Sorry for the quality.


released November 1, 2003

Ernimel - female vocals
Celestial @Ir - guitars, male vocals
b. - keyboards, male vocals, drums programming

Recorded at Schade's in 2002-2003
Band picture by Dis.



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Lacklustre Mirror Moscow, Russia

Lacklustre Mirror (1998 - 2011) was a Moscow, Russia-based dark art rock/neoclassic/gothic metal band. Despite its longevity and a large number of people coming and going it has only released two full-length albums at Shadowplay Records in 2007 and 2009 before dissolving permanently in 2011. ... more

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Track Name: Forgive (2003)
Track Name: Mother Is Going Home (2003)
In memory of Elena Zolotaryova, Nov.1, 1951 - May 07, 2000.

The track was recorded for 2003 demo; later it was included into "Colours of Black" compilation released in 2004 by Shadowplay Records label, for which it had been mastered by Emily A. Saaen. Saaen's version eventually made it into the band's debut CD.
Spring meadows went grey with cold dews,
On the wet grass of plains and hills
My mother is going leaning on wind,
Going home... but away from us.

These words are my tribute and prayer
Their thirst for truth's quenched with my tears
They are crystallized with cold that nests under my skin...
My mother is going home...

Funeral cloak of silence
Worn amongst the national feast
Frozen thoughts, locked up hear, immobility
Here I am!.. And mother's at home.
Here is darkness surrounding me densely,
To my daemons I'm almost given up
Winds are beating me constantly, savagely...
And my mother burns her lights - guiding lights.
Track Name: Comet (2003)
That murky year was signed
With a comet's revelation
For long the pale eye
Watched ev'ry dusk and dawn

And several mighty kings
With not a shred of mercy
For their unhappy men
Their armies raised to war

For each one had a dream
About the universal power
And how someone pale-eyed
Granted it to them

Meanwhile from the north
Plague appeared crawling
And death with its own scythe
Ruined, thrashed The Life

But even dying men
With their arms coming weaker
Were tryin' to destroy
All those they knew as foes

And then colossal rains
During more than forty days
And washed it all away
For new Life was to come forth

That murky year was signed
With the comet revelation
What if it brought these evils
None would ever know
Track Name: Psycho (2003)
Towards the new-night wave there flows
A pair of air-craft wings' side lights
The phone receiver's agonizing on the floor
Pointillistic dark clot in a volume canvas

I find myself being frozen within time
In a single moment with its scenery
That's imprinted in my counsciousness, to be
Drained off next moment... In a second, but not now

And as I'm walking through the streets
Both I and ev'ryone around
Sense only our cover, while
The thoughts dwell faraway

But in this lonely crowd descents
Cloaked with grey-blue twilight grace
A wolf-souled one. Instead of sword
Or gun he brings decay...

The Greater Shadow seeks for me...
The shadow seeks...

It's felt like an old scar of an unsuffered wound
Old memories begin to ache so hard
Untied to dates, they're suddenly revived
In blurred resemblance in the visions, smells, and sounds

Whatever makes me joy or mourn and cry
All movements that destroy my calm standstill -
My yearning's nailed to my own lesser shadow
And lasts forever like the earth and sky...

Awareness of our frailty
It is injected into us too early
Again, despite the churchmen statements
It'll ne'er bring vigour into human's life.

Still, there's no fate men able to know,
No sound of tucking clock they hear
My term is pouring off but there remains
Some time for me to look around.
Some time...
Track Name: Road To Infinity (2003)
Slow trance...
It's a succeeder of a deeper sleep...
Illusion Empress of Calm and Emptyness —
Who tells the visions from reality? —
Would never do now even the Wisest One.

Descend and cast down right into impending cold
Throughout moonshadows born by frosty shine,
Awakened lunatics are hiding from the Moon,
In rage behold her glowing in the night.

The daytime clouds are transmuting into ice
And Heavens are rising farther day by day
Thou paintest woods with all your brightest paints
Like a child with coloured chalk revives grey walls...

It won't take long before you wash this all away
Again, without regret like a careless child...

Autumn! Thine sweet breath — bitter poison streams in my veins,
And raise grey gloom from fathoms of my soul...
And make me feel time's running faster every moment,
Life's turning to an endless spin — —

Dance of fallen leaves,
Fading memories —
Fragrance of unsatisfied passions,

Childish soul oppressed,
Sprang beyond its place
Towards hollow colourless impression

Similar to the late autumn scenery...
Water and dirt, rocks and emptyness
What else I seeked? Whence has come that odd feeling
Of a great deceive, while I still hadn't known the truth —
And it is still obscure...

Wasn't that a dream... But some alien words I've heard
Those told that each of us is spinning throughout his life
In a awesome hall, full of windows and lights,
And in madness of motion a mosaic they arrange
We're condemned to imagine as life,
We are doomed to take as True Life...
Track Name: Saint Elmo's Fires (2003)
The most venomous cure for human soul -
To attend to others' sufferings performs
Its devilish sufficiency in case
Of an ill one I behold in mirror day by day.

The silent roar of dazzling inflamed skies
Descents and presses down spirit, thoughts.
I let in devil on his knock in Inner Doors of mine,
And picture him on a dusty glass of soul.

The images those I create against my will -
St. Elmo's Fires on the border's edge
Of tired consciousness... So dying flower is
More fragrant, than it was being fresh.

I'm given with the splinters of Thine Songs,
With images, those Thou create and see,
And go insane, as all I've ever done
Is possessed with grey.
The grace won't blooming be...
Track Name: Nightmare Rendering (2003)
The windows - shut,
But day is to begin,
So sun is rising from
A vase upon my table,
I'm fear'd with 'Barbie' six feet long,
That wishes to be raped
To have a punishment
For cyanide crystals in my cup...

But poison fails to have effect
Upon my system,
As a deformed cup's overfilled
With my grey depression juice,

So all this mixture's vapourizing
Down there on the floor,
A bitter almond weaker fragrance
Brings no harm...

Preserve your sense of rightness for somebody else,
I'm not a toy for you but you for me must be,
Six feet long Barbie-doll, hell! You don't stare at me,
But watch your head, it's gonna fall again!

Three colours: brown, grey
And cyan-blue -
Dirt, dust and paint-can of
Psychiatry's staff painter...
Now, bring a cleaner here and
Open windows, please.
If even they would lead nowhere,
As these words I force to get out.

Perform your skill of Nightness in this round chamber,
There is enough room right for that,
The wild lust has the same smell of the bitter almond,
That blooming in your artificial hair...

Preserve your sense of rightness for somebody else,
I'm not a toy for you but you for me must be,
Six feet long Barbie-doll, hell! You don't stare at me,
But watch your head, it's gonna fall again!
Track Name: A Tragedy About Return To Hell
The sullen landscape as the evening falls
Breeds desperation by its own self
The monotonous figures of the passers-by
Turn flat, and spread about the walls, and fade.

It's not yet dark, and from the western edge
Of visible from this old square sky
There stretch the rests of bygone daytime light
And slowly turn to gloomy-dark blue-grey.

In a darker corner of the stoneful square
Another figure's standing there for hours
Like a golem without scripture in his mouth,
And tryin' to solve within the dark and rocks

Head he lifts up and the tears
Break through the restraining pillar
of his own will for nobody can see him now.

Terror of done, and its irreversibility
Led him here away from the mortal eyes

Swarms of thoughts and images before his eyes
Are drown in the tears those devastate men's mind

With thrillin' hand he's drawn a dagger from his sleeve
And blood's begun to knock into his temples and his eyes,
Without motion now his stands as night is growing
And stares at this short smooth blade's icy shine...

There is no strength
To cut this string that seems to be of steel
No bravery nor strength but only fear...

A woman that has given him his life
once went ill, but was healed...
And tried to teach him not to stay alone
Whatever there could be...
But she surprisingly met only rage
Against her words and deeds
and thats has weakened her
against her old disease...

And in fear he looked at the winkless eye of Venus
As the broken voice her sentence spelled

The clouds keep on flying high
Together with his anxious memories
They looked like a pantomime

He felt like Claudius
watching in astonishment
A tragedy about return to Hell.

She's in Heaven now...
Hell stayed here...