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In memory of Elena Zolotaryova, Nov.1, 1951 - May 07, 2000


The sullen landscape as the evening falls
Breeds desperation by its own self
The monotonous figures of the passers-by
Turn flat, and spread about the walls, and fade.

It's not yet dark, and from the western edge
Of visible from this old square sky
There stretch the rests of bygone daytime light
And slowly turn to gloomy-dark blue-grey.

In a darker corner of the stoneful square
Another figure's standing there for hours
Like a golem without scripture in his mouth,
And tryin' to solve within the dark and rocks

Head he lifts up and the tears
Break through the restraining pillar
of his own will for nobody can see him now.

Terror of done, and its irreversibility
Led him here away from the mortal eyes

Swarms of thoughts and images before his eyes
Are drown in the tears those devastate men's mind

With thrillin' hand he's drawn a dagger from his sleeve
And blood's begun to knock into his temples and his eyes,
Without motion now his stands as night is growing
And stares at this short smooth blade's icy shine...

There is no strength
To cut this string that seems to be of steel
No bravery nor strength but only fear...

A woman that has given him his life
once went ill, but was healed...
And tried to teach him not to stay alone
Whatever there could be...
But she surprisingly met only rage
Against her words and deeds
and thats has weakened her
against her old disease...

And in fear he looked at the winkless eye of Venus
As the broken voice her sentence spelled

The clouds keep on flying high
Together with his anxious memories
They looked like a pantomime

He felt like Claudius
watching in astonishment
A tragedy about return to Hell.

She's in Heaven now... Hell remained here...



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Lacklustre Mirror Moscow, Russia

Lacklustre Mirror (1998 - 2011) was a Moscow, Russia-based dark art rock/neoclassic/gothic metal band. Despite its longevity and a large number of people coming and going it has only released two full-length albums at Shadowplay Records in 2007 and 2009 before dissolving permanently in 2011. ... more

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